Collection / Debt Recovery

Collection / Debt Recovery occurs when a loan continues to go unpaid and a creditor hires a third party to focus on collecting the money. Legislations have been established to provide a guide to the debt recovery process and ensure that consumers are protected from harassing debt recovery processes.

Commercial Contract

A commercial contract is a legally binding document between parties in which they are obligated to do or restrain from doing particular things. It’s used in businesses and organizations to ensure that the legal arrangements allows full benefits of the contract to be realized. It is also important to have a contract made by an experienced lawyer to avoid loopholes and weaknesses.


Incorporation is a legal process used to form a corporate entity or a company. This would create a protective bubble, often called a corporate veil, around the company’s directors and shareholders. As such, the business would be able to take risks and make growth possible without interfering the directors’ and shareholders’ personal financial liability.

General Litigation

General Litigation is a proceeding initiated between two opposing parties to enforce or defend a legal right. It is typically settled by way of mediation between the parties but may also, be brought to the Court to be heard by judges.